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Why Choose Electroplated Tools?


- There are various methods of bonding diamonds to tools. Each have their own merits for specific applications. If you are looking for the following features, electroplated is the bond you need.

- A wide variety of profiles can be produced to tight tolerances.

- Form wheels will hold their exact profile throughout the life of the tool.

- A large range of sizes can be manufactured. 0.5mm to 450mm diameter 0.5mm to 200mm wide.

- When worn-out the abrasive coating can easily be stripped and replaced saving the time and the cost of making new bodies.

- The single layer of particles at the highest possible concentration means high cutting speeds and you are not paying for unused diamond or CBN.

- You can manufacture you own blanks for us to coat.

Diamond is the hardest known substance and is ideal for cutting and grinding tungsten carbide, ceramics, marble, granite, composite plastics, glass and rubbers.

It is not suitable for use on hard steels due to their carbon content reacting with the carbon of the diamond.

C B N (cubic boron nitride) or Borazon is a synthetic, diamond-like particle which has been produced to overcome this problem. It is almost as hard as diamond but it contains boron rather than carbon and is therefore the ideal abrasive for machining hardened steels or hard machine alloys.

Diamond or CBN?

Courtesy of IDC (Holdings) Ltd

CNC machining

Electroplating tanks

Resin Bonded Wheels

To compliment out range of in-house manufactured electroplated wheels, we also supply premium quality UK manufactured resin bonded diamond and CBN wheels.


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