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Grinding Wheels - Special Shapes
See our design service for information on how we manufacture to your exact requirements.
Internal Grinding Points and Jig Grinding Pins

Available from 0.5mm to 50mm parallel or tapered. With bore or shank to suit.


Grinding Wheels - Standard Shapes

Standard shaped wheels are manufactured to order. Just let us know diameter, width, angles, radii, bore, diamond or CBN size and any other specific requirements.

Recoating and Blank-coating
When a tool is worn out we can chemically strip the diamond or CBN and recoat with new. If the blank will has been damaged in use we can reform it as necessary. We can also coat your blanks if required.
Tools for Marble and Granite
We manufacture a wide range of tools for cutting, drilling and profiling all hard stones.
We manufacture needle files, hand files or files with a tang for a handle. Various sizes, shapes and grit sizes are available.
If you know your requirements we can manufacture to your specification but if you're unsure, we can design tooling to suit your requirements exactly.

Send us drawings of the tools required or drawings and information of your products for machining and we'll do the rest.

We can work from the following formats;

- .dxf files

- AutoCad files

- AlphaCam files

- Engineers' drawings

- pdf drawing

- Faxed sketch

- Scribble on the back of an envelope.

Form grinding wheel being designed using AlphaCam CAD software.

Thread form CBN grinding wheel

200mm form wheel for grinding knife handles

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